Becoming A Better Writer



  1. Read people who you think are great. There is no way you can become a great writer without emulating classics. This may sound like your typical creative writing advice, but you can find your way in this world only if you know what’s been written before you. And that’s not just any book! Choose authors with a name that speaks for themselves, whose stories fill you with joy, or anger, or appreciation!
  2. Write. Find a best essay writing service and apply as a writer. You may not have incredible orders at once, but the more you practice, the better you become. It is just like doing any other job on the planet, if you don’t learn, you don’t succeed. Write for blogs if you prefer a more informal, relaxed style. Write for people you know, friends and family. You may even do it for free.
  3. Look for ideas. You can use a little notebook when you get on about your chores or run errands. One day you will find out that you draw inspiration from people around you. You might find it useful to write down ideas as they come across your mind. Some people have a blog for that purposes, where you create a list of thoughts you think you may use in the future, and adding ideas continuously. You can do a pre-writing or what other writers call it, planning. This is the general outline of the work, and you don’t even need to write it down, just rehearse it in your head, as a scenario. This is especially helpful for the beginners.
  4. Make writing a tradition. Choose the time of the day when no one interrupts you. Turn off the phone, basically everything that distracts you and make sure you are not disturbed. Try writing for an hour or two. If you don’t feel like doing that in the mornings, midnight hours may also work, but that depends on your biological rhythm. Some people find it hard to concentrate in the early hours of the day, others believe nights are made for sleep. If you are writing professionally, say, for the newspaper, you may need more than one hour to get the work. But don’t panic if you can’t write for a long time at once. Things are never easy from the start. Once you find your perfect speed, it is all set.
  5. Get going. The trick is, you have to start writing. If you are sitting in front of a computer and don’t type, you immediately feel the temptation to check your e-mail or go for a walk or what not. Don’t even think about it. The time you place your fingers on the keyboard, the text just flows. It may sound obvious, but many students face this problem as there are so many distractions like social networks, your phone etc. You can use the hotel ‘do not disturb’ sign, or tell your friends that this specific hour is dedicated entirely to work.