Corporate training at Accent


The content of professional courses:

The Banking profit and loss settlement balance, financial projections, credit score, private banking, corporate banking, the FOREX, stock exchange, outgoing, deposit portfolio, description of economic performance, presentation graphics and digital data, negotiating are presented in the program.

The second section includes finance Interpretation of digital data, financial reports, discussion of trends and results, comments on the financial schedules, matching and projects, financial report, annual reports, reports on profit and loss, balance settlement, the analysis of financial flows, budgets, taxation, economics, evaluation of the company, deposits.

The students need to learm the right to legal terminology, skills, meetings, receptions interviews, reading and writing of contracts, negotiations, analysis of court cases, explaining the skills and clarify the information, the interpretation of laws, consultations, surveys, about contracts laws, companies, taxation, civil law, criminal law, European law, lawyer art, the judiciary, the English legal system, tort, precedents, statutes.
Another option includes sales and marketing terminology, sales presentation, description of products and services, telephone calls, maintenance contracts, communication with customers, the negotiations on sales, preparation of written proposals, market analysis, target audience, distribution, promotion, peak sales, pricing, positioning product, sales by phone, behavior after the transaction.

Business Communication Telephone calls, business correspondence, faxes and e-mail, the strengthening of contacts, appointments, communicating with clients and colleagues, meetings, negotiations, travel. Use professional vocabulary for areas such as finance, human resources, production, marketing, general management are held by experienced teachers.

Human Resources / Personnel Management Description of different types of organizations, conducting interviews, telephone conversations, meetings, presentations, statistical information, reading, and writing reports, negotiation, promotion, training, industrial relations, coursework writing service, quality, legal environment, hiring, approval, restructuring, health and safety , staff development, internal communications are very popular among students.

Medicine section includes medical yerminology, Anatomy theory, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology et al., Language consultations, description and interpretation of symptoms, diagnosis, language, clinical descriptions, surveys and consultations, the interpretation of medical data, reading and writing medical documents. The medical field include: pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, neurology, cardiology, oncology, hematology, immunology, geriatrics, orthopedics, dentistry, surgery, general practice.

Pharmacy is represented with pharmacy terminology, pharmacology, analysis, language, description and interpretation of the effects, the effect of drugs, clinical language, surveys, interpretation of scientific data, reading and writing scientific papers, drawing comparisons. Studied areas: Serum / anti-serum, immunology, virology, allergens, hormones, analgesic, biosintetika, blood substitutes, transplants, oncology treatment, drug action, bacterial infection and antibiotics, HIV therapy and others.

In addition, there are terminology journalism, interviewing techniques, telephone conversations, reading press releases and documentation, summarizing, taking notes, writing literacy, reports on news articles, financial and political science, sports, editing, writing headlines, proofreading, TV and radio broadcasting press conference.
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